Our Asbestos Consultancy Services

Surveying and Sampling

Here at Surrey Asbestos Surveys, we work closely with certified ISO 17020 laboratories accredited by UKAS to conduct specified tests and samples to determine how best to manage your asbestos. This includes asbestos management, refurbishment & demolition or, in some cases, a re-inspection survey. Our team will carefully assess your needs and gather necessary information from you, so we can determine the best-suited survey that will meet your needs.


With years of experience in the field, we are leaders in this field - we provide expert advice and services about the safe management and removal of asbestos across a highly diverse range of businesses and property owners. Businesses and homeowners can minimise the risks associated with asbestos removal through our asbestos consultation, which provides you with relevant consultancy to help you through the maze of UK laws and regulations, safely remove long-term asbestos, manage waste and much more.


Asbestos is the leading cause of work-related deaths and accidents in the UK. We’ll help you manage the removal of all kinds of asbestos-containing materials, from self-owned houses or flats to domestic projects, public sector and commercial asbestos abatement work. With us, asbestos removal is easy and hassle-free!

Waste Management

Our asbestos waste management consultants can help you with all the required regulatory compliance, particularly with the ongoing asbestos control and management, ensuring it doesn’t impact your business or home life. We’ve worked with many professionals in diverse fields on projects, including infrastructure, real estate and private homeowners but are always looking to expand our horizons.

5,000 builders, plumbers, electricians and woodworkers die each year from asbestos-related cancers!

The potentially dangerous asbestos fibrous fibres released into the air can pose a serious health risk to staff and workers. Don’t overlook the harm at hand, get a free valuation with us today.

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Surrey Asbestos Surveys

We do tests, surveys and removals. Call or enquire online today. Or find out more about what we do below.

Asbestos Tests

Our Asbestos tests are done to the highest standard and in line with the regulatory bodies.

At Surrey Asbestos Surveys, we are a Surrey-based asbestos surveying and consultancy firm across Surrey, Sussex, London, Kent, Berkshire and Hampshire. Our experienced asbestos consultants and surveyors have been advising on all aspects of asbestos surveying, consultancy and removal – helping businesses and particularly home owners in the removal, monitoring and management of asbestos waste. Our detailed and completely unbiased reports ensure that you always know what steps to take. Whether this is your first asbestos surveying and consultancy experience or you’ve already had a report produced by another company and don’t know what the next steps are – our friendly, insightful and informative asbestos consultants can help.

Asbestos Removals


We understand that asbestos removal can be a complicated process, therefore, we pride ourselves on providing a straightforward service. Our licensed asbestos removers are fully qualified and certified to undertake a variety of asbestos removing services such as full on-site management, method statements, preparation of asbestos removal documents, and providing the right guidance. It doesn’t matter if you require the removal of asbestos spray coatings, asbestos cement products, or asbestos reinforced concrete, our professional and experienced team can help. Asbestos is extremely dangerous which is why our asbestos removal process is carried out safely and discreetly.

Asbestos Surveying


Our asbestos surveys aim to locate the extent and presence of any asbestos-containing materials in a property that may cause harm to residents or workers. We also help business owners manage the risk of asbestos in industrial buildings where it is their responsibility to ensure staff and workers are aware of the dangers. We provide a variety of asbestos surveys such as asbestos management surveys, refurbishment asbestos surveys, demolitions asbestos surveys, and asbestos reinspection surveys. Besides asbestos sampling when one of our surveyors identifies specific areas that contain asbestos.

About us

Asbestos exposure can lead to many diseases and illnesses, including certain types of cancers; its use in materials has become prohibited in several countries,

including the United Kingdom. The microscopic fibrils released into the atmosphere through abrasion, manufacturing or production processes can wreak havoc on a human's health and the environment.

What our customers say

“Surrey Asbestos Surveys [offered a] quick turnaround time on the survey results and fantastic customer service. I’ll recommend you guys in a heartbeat!”

“Surrey helped me identify areas where I didn’t even know asbestos existed.”

“Thanks for a great service – your team removed and managed the asbestos waste in a discreet and professional manner.”

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