Why Choose Us?

Whether you are a proud homeowner or own multiple commercial properties, we tailor our asbestos consultancy services to match your specific requirements. At Surrey Asbestos, we offer completely impartial, unbiased and up-to-date advice on asbestos surveying, removal, management and more to help you achieve full compliance throughout the year – protecting the wellbeing of your occupants and upholding environmental safety regulations.

If you are working out of a commercial building built prior to 2000 within the United Kingdom, you are legally required to have an asbestos report plan; making our services essential to maintaining the health and safety of your business. Please note commercial buildings are not limited to office spaces but now include churches, schools, restaurants and communal areas pertaining to apartment complexes. These laws apply to landlords, letting agents and private landowners.

Our team can help you comply with all your legal certifications and obligations – whether for your personal, private or commercial property. Find the asbestos surveys, report plans and sample testing just for you!

5 Reasons to use us:


Great Service

We offer an unrivalled service


Friendly Team

Our friendly team are on hand to help with any questions you might have


Fair Pricing

Our pricing is fair, competitive making it an affordable option for our customers


On time delivery

We aim to always deliver on time


We Get it Done!

Ultimately, you need it doing and we will get it done for you

What our customers say

“Surrey Asbestos Surveys [offered a] quick turnaround time on the survey results and fantastic customer service. I’ll recommend you guys in a heartbeat!”

“Surrey helped me identify areas where I didn’t even know asbestos existed.”

“Thanks for a great service – your team removed and managed the asbestos waste in a discreet and professional manner.”