Asbestos Surveys and Asbestos Sampling


The purpose of an asbestos survey is to locate the extent and presence of any ACMs (asbestos containing materials) in a domestic home or commercial building which may pose a health risk to those residing or visiting.

As a business, if you are the ‘’Duty Holder’’, it is up to you to make sure your staff and workers are aware of the dangers and the presence of asbestos in the building. You are responsible for the management of asbestos and the location as well as the types of asbestos and the risks of all ACM’s in the building.

Known as the asbestos management register, this should be available to all staff, as it facilitates management of workers coming into the building, and all tradesman entering and carrying out work activities within the building. The register needs to be updated annually or an as/when basis – any new work could affect the fabric of the building and could potentially pose a hazard to staff and workers.

We can carry out all kinds of asbestos surveys – from asbestos management surveys and refurbishment asbestos surveys to demolition asbestos surveys and asbestos re-inspection surveys.

At times, you may require a sample survey, also referred to as asbestos sample test. Asbestos sampling is required when an asbestos surveyor has identified specific areas and/or materials which may contain asbestos.

We offer a UKAS accredited 17025 asbestos sample testing service for single and one-off samples as well as full-survey sample analysis. The asbestos sampling experts work as our close partners to ensure that you get rapid turnaround on your results. Working with a UKAS accredited asbestos sampling firm ensures that all the appropriate staff, equipment, procedures and reporting practices are incorporated in a lab which meets the ISO 17025 standards.

Why us for Asbestos Surveying and Sampling?

If you are working out of a commercial building or domestic property built before the year 2000, you are required by UK law to have an asbestos report. Commercial buildings are not just limited to an office, factory or place of business because asbestos legislation also includes, churches, schools, pubs, restaurants, hospitals and communal areas where blocks of flats have been built.

If you are a landlord, letting agent, owning a flats, house or multiple properties, the same laws apply to you as well.

Our asbestos surveying experts are completely impartial in their advice, carry the necessary certifications and are professional as well as courteous in their client dealings. Owing to their decades-long training and expertise, you can easily stay compliant with all legal obligations revolving around asbestos surveys, asbestos report plans and asbestos sample testing – whether for your personal, private or commercial property.

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