How We Can Help Removal and Manage Asbestos Waste?

By not having asbestos removed and waste disposed accordingly by a licensed professional waste management company, you risk the wellbeing of the building’s occupants, the possibility of heavy fines, or even legal action, in a worst-case scenario.

Moving into a new office or residential space, its occupants can discover asbestos flourishing in an unused area. You can put your mind at ease knowing you have a team of certified professionals to conduct anything from initial asbestos surveys to its removal and waste management. Remaining compliant with asbestos related legislation can be tricky, but our seasoned experts can help you and your business stay on top of things.

Should you uncover asbestos in your building or home or even suspect its presence - it is a legal requirement to hire an asbestos waste removal specialist. The asbestos removal and its disposal must be conducted by professionals and complying with UK laws and environmental standards.

It is vital for your safety and that of your occupants to adhere to specialist help. We are only a phone call away. Get a free quote and have your asbestos waste management taken care of in the most safe and timely manner possible.

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What our customers say

“Surrey Asbestos Surveys [offered a] quick turnaround time on the survey results and fantastic customer service. I’ll recommend you guys in a heartbeat!”

“Surrey helped me identify areas where I didn’t even know asbestos existed.”

“Thanks for a great service – your team removed and managed the asbestos waste in a discreet and professional manner.”