Asbestos Waste Management

Asbestos waste or more appropriately, asbestos containing waste (ACW) needs to be managed without delay – that is, in a safe manner by a registered asbestos waste carrier who must dump it in a site licensed to accept asbestos waste.

This means that if your business is producing any hazardous asbestos-containing waste or the same is found in parts of your home or privately owned property, it must manage that waste in a manner that complies with laws and regulations which revolve around asbestos waste removal.

Once asbestos waste has been extracted from your premises, you need to continue protecting your staff or house occupants. Not only that, but you must also comply with environmental agency regulations for the disposal of asbestos hazardous waste. At this stage, you receive a consignment note to sign for the collection of asbestos waste which will then be delivered safely to an accredited landfill or site, whichever is applicable.

Why us for Asbestos Waste Removal and Management?

Many businesses have learned the hard way that removing asbestos in a safe and timely manner can have very dire consequences. By not having it removed through a professional asbestos waste management company, you are risking the health and wellbeing of the building’s occupants and may face heavy fines as a result – even legal action, in a worst-case scenario.

Many a times, when businesses move into a new office building or when occupants move into your commercial or private premises, asbestos is discovered in an unused area. This is why smart businesses, home owners and commercial property owners alike ‘play it safe’ – by getting an asbestos survey conducted in order to remain compliant and guard the wellbeing of occupants.

If you believe there is asbestos in your building or home, it is vital not only for your safety as well as that of the occupants, but it is also a legal obligation to hire asbestos waste removal specialists to safely handle the asbestos waste and remove it in a way which is in line with UK laws and environmental standards.

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