Asbestos Consultation


At Surrey Asbestos Surveys, we are an independent asbestos consultancy firm, having vast experience working with a broad range of home owners, personal property owners and commercial clients. We have helped businesses as well as a range of home owners comply with all asbestos regulations and legislation – from regulatory compliant and ongoing management to surveys, sample testing and removal.

Our experienced team of asbestos consultant’s work across the UK, where we have designated partners accredited by UKAS. We have the connections, means, experience and staff to respond quickly to your asbestos consultancy needs, with fast turnaround times and an exceptional service experience.

Why us as your Asbestos Consultants?

Whether you are a proud home owner or own a small commercial building or multiple commercial properties spanning over several miles, we can tailor our asbestos consultancy to match your specific requirements. We offer completely impartial, unbiased and up-to-date advice on asbestos surveying, removal, management and more to help you achieve full compliance throughout the year – protecting the wellbeing of your occupants and upholding environmental safety regulations.

Our extensive knowledge and experience around asbestos consultancy allows us to provide guidance to our clients on the most economically and operationally sound ways to manage asbestos – all without compromising safety. In addition, our accredited partner asbestos testing labs offer a great deal of flexibility around turnaround times, while also helping you enjoy the highest quality control standards for your business.

You may require asbestos consultation as  a contractor, property developer, letting agent, architect, builder or home owner, or you may have asbestos consultancy needs on an ad-hoc basis – in any case, we can provide you with a full-scale asbestos consultation service.

We have served well as market leaders when it comes to the safe management and removal of asbestos. We have helped a range of businesses, home owners and commercial property owners cut down the risks and hazards associated with asbestos removal. Whether you need asbestos consultancy services for your house/flat, private property, school, hospital, factory, hotel or any non-domestic facility/property, we are only a phone call away.

As part of our asbestos consultation service, we:

  • Advise on the relevant asbestos surveys, management systems, report plans and removals
  • Guide on how to best integrate control measures and implement asbestos removal processes
  • Provide the most cost-effective and operationally efficient ways of managing asbestos
  • Offer evaluation of contractor’s tenders and Method Statements should you require
  • And more

From asbestos management plans for the long-term to surveying contaminated sites to HSE enforcement action, we are your one-stop asbestos consultants, ready to guide you through the maze of regulations.