High-quality Demolition Services in Surrey and surrounding areas

Surrey Asbestos Surveys provides quality demolition services in Surrey, London, Hampshire, Sussex, Kent and Berkshire. As a demolition company based in Surrey, we are fully certified in training, health & safety and waste management to take care of your building demolition needs. We are insured up to £5,000,000, so you can be rest assured that each job will be carried out with the utmost professionalism, safety and quality standard.

As a demolition company based in Surrey, we offer demolition services in London and many other counties, offering a quality service which includes high reach, soft strip and top down demolition.

Whether you require demolition services in Hampshire for a small domestic project or, say, demolition services in London for a large-scale commercial project, we are at your service 24/7.

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Having more than 36 years’ experience in demolition, we are equipped to deal with projects of all scales and types. It’s not surprising that we have been the go-to demolition service in Surrey for property developers and architects, as well as building firms who need the full suite of demolition services, including site clearances and soft strips.

We’ve built our reputation not only on word of mouth but also our expert ability to take a safe, calculated and professional approach to each project – using best-in-class equipment and a team which goes above and beyond to meet and exceed our clients’ needs.

Our Demolition Services in Surrey and beyond

Surrey Asbestos Surveys offers a range of demolition services in London and Home Counties. We offer the safest and most cost-effective options for each project, with demolition services which include:

General demolition

Our range of general demolitions services in Surrey and surrounding areas cover everything from small residential to major industrial and commercial projects. Every job is planned very carefully with the environmental impact in mind, where we put in a great deal of effort to minimise disruption to nearby homes, businesses and neighbourhoods as much as possible. We’re proud of the fact that nearly 99% of the materials are removed from each site, to be re-used or recycled, thus, preventing them from unnecessarily ending up in landfills.

Our highly skilled, professional and friendly team ensures that each project is carried out safely, efficiently, and in an environmentally friendly way. They have all the Health & Safety, Training and Waste Management certificates to carry out a stellar job.

Site clearance

Site clearance is an important component of demolition services because all the accumulated waste needs to be removed from the area to eliminate any hazards and obstacles, before the builders or developers can come in. Not only that, but you can certainly do without the unsightly mess! The service is, therefore, ideal for future development or when a current development is no longer needed.
Should you require any additional waste clearance services, we would be happy to provide those too, which include:

  • Fly tipped waste removal
  • Tree and root removal waste removal (hazardous and asbestos)
  • Levelling and fencing
  • Future building preparation
Top down/floor by floor demolition

Top down demolition cab be a highly complex and technically nuanced process which demands the highest degree of engineering precision, structural investigation and design testing from planning to implementation. The method is effective when project parameters are limited – such as those in busy inner city locations with narrow, crowded streets and lots of homes/offices tightly packed together. Temporary works are put in place as and when required to support the additional weight of the plant within the structure.

Our professional demolition team will lift the plant onto the roof of your structure using a high lift, after which demolition will begin from the roof down. All works are performed with the utmost care for neighbouring areas and adjacent properties.

High reach demolition

We offer a very safe, versatile and cost-effective way for laying down tall buildings and structures, whether they are steel-framed or made from reinforced concrete. In addition to a range of health and safety benefits (including a much reduced risk due to working at height), high reach demolition offers fantastic productivity and output compared to conventional top down demolition – when used alongside concrete crackers, it can completely eliminate the need to use any mini-excavators and percussive breakers for the same job.

Our leading-class high reach excavators have low noise emission, making projects in busy or confined areas minimally intrusive.

Soft strip demolition

Our team will take care of any removals you require for internal fittings, leaving the outer shell of your structure or building ready for refurbishment works. This removal for internal fittings may include anything from furniture, carpets and false ceiling tiles to static waste products such as strapping, skirting, timber shelving, flooring and partition frames. You might need to have internal walls and floors removed, so that the outer walls and roof can be worked on – our team would be happy to assist you with that too.

For completely striping out houses, offices or buildings to be refitted or new works to commence, we can certainly help, including asbestos removal which complies with all environmental laws and regulations.

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