New Year Home Renovations

New Year Home Renovations

The new year is upon us and now is the time we all start to think about sprucing things up for the year ahead.  

With most of the UK population spending the majority of their time in their homes, we’ve seen a rise in theimprove, don’t move’  trend – the stay-at-home orders have inspired as many as two thirds of homeowners to invest in renovations.  It’s no wonder with more time being spent in the home and less time commuting, homeowners want to create a space that’s more comfortable.

As we enter the new year, unfortunately still in lockdown conditions, the number of inspired homeowners looking to add value to their homes is increasing and here at Surrey Asbestos Surveys, we want to help.

Preparing for any kind of renovation requires thorough planning and thought, but have you thought about whether or not your home contains asbestos?

Asbestos can be found throughout your home, from exterior walls, ceilings, floor coverings and even your boiler, heating, and piping. This
list is simply a baseline for homeowners to understand the extent of the potential hazard.

If you’re concerned about asbestos in your home and would like to talk to a team member, contact us today.

At Surrey Asbestos Surveys, we offer a full-service end to end solution. If you think there is asbestos in your home, do not panic. Leave
the material alone and call us. We’re able to talk through your concerns and advise next steps. We’re able to quote for a full asbestos survey which can identify if your home does contain this hazardous material. From there, we’re then also able to quote for asbestos removal in a safe and effective manner, putting your mind at ease.

Do Not try to remove asbestos yourself! Not only is this extremely dangerous for you and surrounding members of the public, but it
can come with a hefty fine and no one wants that.  Asbestos removal should ALWAYS be carried out by a licenced professional, disposing correctly.

Once your home is cleared of any harmful substances, you’re able to move onto the next stage of renovations.

Points to remember:

Asbestos in your home is usually only dangerous if it’s been disturbed causing fibres to be released into the air. If you leave the substance
alone and contact us immediately, your risk of being affected will remain low.

So, call us today on 07852 414794 to find out how Surrey Asbestos Surveys can help. 

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