Asbestos PPE

Why do we use Asbestos PPE: Asbestos is serious business and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Statistics show that around 5000 workers each year are exposed to asbestos and suffer fatal consequences. It’s assumed that tradesmen working directly with Asbestos make up most of that figure.

Whilst asbestos use was banned in 1999, it is not a problem of the past, but rather a constant issue in the present for any building or refurbishment project.

This is why our staff at Surrey Asbestos Survey use personal protective equipment. Our uniformed PPE approach includes the use of:


When materials that contain asbestos are damaged, fibres are released into the air becoming problematic. If these fibres are inhaled, they can cause serious damage. The effects are not short term even though many might feel they are fine. However, asbestos related diseases develop overtime and often it’s too late to recover from once the damage is realised.

This is why our team wear masks and other respirators to prevent such events. These are worn over the mouth and nose preventing the hazardous effects of asbestos.


As with other building activities, we’re conscious our teams protect their eyes. Asbestos will often release small particles if disturbed and can cause eye irritation.

We want our team to feel comfortable and safe when carrying out their work and protective eyewear is a must.

Disposable overalls and gloves

Disposable overalls and gloves are the most effective way to ensure that any asbestos particles that are damaged during removal, are not carried away from the site within a workers clothing and even hair! Not only would this put the worker themselves in danger, but those who may come into contact with them later.

These overalls are used and disposed of as safely as the asbestos we’re managing.

PPE is extremely important in the removal of Asbestos; however, we do not rest on our laurels and will always work in the safest manner to reduce the disturbance of asbestos. Our standards are set to protect our staff and our customers, getting the job done right.

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